Dot the Dice-Master Dame (snuffle) - Dot the Disguise Gal, Sensei

Duckhopper, Moosehopper (moose) - Rockhopper

Aunt Ducky, Miss Moosey (moose) - Aunt Arctic

AnonymousDuckLover - AnonymousDuckLover

AnonymousMooseLover (moose) - AnonymousDuckLover

The Idiot - Rookie

Harmony - Cadence, Penguin Band

Moostobot 30,000 (robo-moose) - Protobot

Ducktobot 30,000 (robo-ducky) - Protobot

Ducker the Smart Ducky - Gary the Gadget Guy

Businesmoose - Businesmoose

Moobert (moose) - Herbert

Kluble (moosle) - Klutzy

Duck-Bert - Herbert

Kleple (duckle) - Klutzy

Scare Crow (Dinosauron, Lord of the Crows) (crow) - Herbert, Sauron

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