• Luismi C3a

    The Ducky Handbook

    October 13, 2013 by Luismi C3a

    It is one of the four main icons on Club Ducky (The Ducky/Moose Handbook, The Ducky/Moose Map, Emoticons, Treehouse). It is a book that allows you to read about CD, change your ducky/moose color and clothing and see its information and buddy list.

    Your buddys appear as envelopes with their usernames, their ID and a mark if they are online. You can click on them to open the envelope. Then their player card appears with the duck/moose's photo, their name, the visit tree house, the remove from the list, the find and the phone (report) buttons, and a tab  Also the player card can be opened by clicking on the ducky/moose in-game.

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  • Luismi C3a

    Emoticons for everyone!

    October 3, 2013 by Luismi C3a

    I've drawn some.

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  • Luismi C3a

    Striped T-Shirts

    September 29, 2013 by Luismi C3a

    They're body items in Club Ducky!

    • Bee Striped T-Shirt (Yellow and Black)
    • Girly Striped T-Shirt (Pink and White)
    • Ice Cream Striped T-Shirt (Yellow and Brown)
    • Mischeif Striped T-Shirt (White and Black)
    • Cristmas Striped T-Shirt (Red and Green)
    • Pumpkin Striped T-Shirt (Green and Orange)
    • Halloween Sriped T-Shirt (Purple and Black)
    • Firey Striped T-Shirt (Red and Orange)
    • Sunny Sriped T-Shirt (Yellow and Orange)
    • Nuture Striped T-Shirt (Brown and Green)
    • Sea Striped T-Shirt (Light and Dark Blue)
    • Sky Striped T-shirt (Light Blue and White)
    • Patty Striped T-Shirt (Green and Yellow)
    • Dirty Striped T-Shirt (Brown and Black)
    • Beach Striped T-Shirt (Yellow and Dark Blue)
    • Flowerly Striped T-Shirt (Pink and Yellow)
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  • Luismi C3a

    Some More Ideas

    September 16, 2013 by Luismi C3a

    Ideas for map

    Jail's Yard ==> Moose Jail ==> Ducky Jail
    || \/
    || \/
    Town ==> Stuff Store ==> Cold Cave ==> Ducky Dance ==> Boiler Base ==> Golden Mine ==> Coffee Center

    To be continued.

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  • Luismi C3a


    September 13, 2013 by Luismi C3a

    Snuffles and Duckles' favorite foods!

    To use when the energy bar is the lowest. It fills it all up!

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