I know mallards are the equivalents to memberships, but I have an idea to make it better. 1 Month Mallards are Blue Mallards, 6 Month Mallards are Green Mallards and 12 Month Mallards are Yellow Mallards!

Also, Mallards should have special currency which they can earn by trading Ducklars for them, and the Mallard Currency should be called Feathers!

EDIT: I forgot to say something. If a Mallard turns back into a normal Ducky and has some Feathers left, it can still use the feathers. Also, it keeps everthing it bought. The ony thing it cannot do is swap Ducklars for Feathers. Any player can actually BUY feathers through a link in the Membership page which says "Buy Feathers!". It is for buying feathers without getting Mallard.

What do you think?

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