As you all know, Club Ducky was originally intended to be a joke, right? Kind of, but that's not all of it.

One day, I was in my bedroom, on the carpeted floor, next to my bed, drawing pictures. The idea behind the pictures were a virtual world where ducks. There were several rooms such as a town, mountaintop, pond, you could even fly to the moon. I kept on drawing these pictures, and I made a game similar to Hopper you could play at a giant lily pad. This idea was soon scrapped.

Several months later a started another game by the same name (Duckworld). This game was different also. This game started with ducks on a pirate ship that sank, and a few surviving ducks got on a giant canoe, on the giant canoe there was a box of spaghetti and 2 fishing rods where you could play a fishing game similar to Ice Fishing in Clubpenguin. The Giant Canoe was soon destroyed when a duck called The Idiot cut a hole in the bottom of the canoe and sunk the ship.

Luckily the ducks were near a tropical island. 1 fishing rod was brought to the island, and players could go on a beach or into the canoe wreck, and another duck claimed himself ruler, and nobody dared step up to him because he was a buff duck with an anchor tatoo called The Big Boss.

More Coming Soon...

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