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  • AnonymousDuckLover

    I looked at the current room designs we have for Club Ducky, and noticed that all the current rooms we have are for the Ducky Region, so I created a basic Moose Rooms Design. The basic design is a dirt ground, a lavender sign, and tan room signs. Look at the demo room I created, and follow the basic formatting when creating a Moose Region room.

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  • AnonymousDuckLover

    Hello Club Ducky Community, there is now an open contest for everybody to create a trailer for Club Ducky. The trailer can be quick, brief, and just show a few things we've been working on, like the various pets available.

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  • AnonymousDuckLover

    Add Pictures

    February 24, 2013 by AnonymousDuckLover

    One part about Club Ducky is the media. Part of your many ideas is pictures. We don't care how you create your pictures, but we would gladly appreciate new pictures added. Pictures make wikis more interesting to read, and it is suggested to have one picture, or other form of digital media per page. Thanks.

    --AnonymousDuckLover (talk) 4978 14:21, February 24, 2013 (UTC)

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  • AnonymousDuckLover

    So after about a week on the island, the ducks started building a Treetop paradise. After about a week, that was finished. The Treetop Fort included a Jail, Clothing Store, and a Hotel.

    Then about a week later, the ducks started to explore the forest on the island. They discovered another source of food, grape bushes, and in those grape bushes were a small yellow creature with a purple beak.

    Then in another week they built an entire Pet Shop and Grape Stand in that area, and players could start adopting pets.

    In about another week, a Dock was built, and the fishing game was moved to there, then a week later, a boat appeared, and the fishing game was moved onto the boat, and a party was thrown with eight free party hats.

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  • AnonymousDuckLover

    As you all know, Club Ducky was originally intended to be a joke, right? Kind of, but that's not all of it.

    One day, I was in my bedroom, on the carpeted floor, next to my bed, drawing pictures. The idea behind the pictures were a virtual world where ducks. There were several rooms such as a town, mountaintop, pond, you could even fly to the moon. I kept on drawing these pictures, and I made a game similar to Hopper you could play at a giant lily pad. This idea was soon scrapped.

    Several months later a started another game by the same name (Duckworld). This game was different also. This game started with ducks on a pirate ship that sank, and a few surviving ducks got on a giant canoe, on the giant canoe there was a box of spaghetti and 2 fis…

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