The Pet Party is one of the biggest parties in Club Ducky. It is all about the Snuffles and Duckles and Moosles.


  • Duckles ON SALE FOR EVERY DUCKY during this party!
  • Snuffles available for EVERY DUCKY AND MOOSE during this party!
  • Moosles ON SALE FOR EVERY MOOSE during this party!
  • Special catalogs for PET ITEMS!
  • Rare Pet Hats are available again during this party!
  • Exclusive games related to pets!
  • Both species can turn into a Snuffle, Duckies can turn into a Duckle and Mooses can turn into a Moosle.
  • For all the Pet Parties there is going to be PW (Pet Wingler) and PP (Pet Pawer) who wingles/paws the pets.

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