The Moose Region is part of Club Ducky where you play as moose. It has its own map.



The WallEdit

Moose BeachEdit

Moose PlazaEdit

The Moose TownEdit

Mud Battle PlaceEdit

Moose Mud WaterfallEdit

Moose Mud RiverEdit

Where to go from what place?Edit

Moose Wall Room links to Moose Beach. Moose Beach links to Moose Plaza. Moose Plaza links to Mooze Cloth, Arcade and The Moose Town. The Moose Town links to Snuffle Center, Moosle Shop, Moose Diner and Mud Battle Place. The Mud Battle Place links to the Moose Mud Waterfall and the Moose Mud River. Moose Mud Waterfall links to the river, too, but you can not go from the river to the waterfall, because when you fall into the waterfall, you automatically go to the river. The Moose Mud River also links to the Jail's Yard.