Antlers are a feature in Club Ducky that a Mallard Moose can use. Normal Mooses can also use it, if they have enough. They are not real antlers, they are just gold coins with an antler carved in it.

Mallard Swap Edit

The Mallard Swap is an action that Mallards can do. They can trade their Mooslars into Antlers so they can buy more Antler Stuff.

Normal Mooses? Edit

  • If a Moose's Mallardship expires they cannot do any more Mallard Swap, but they keep all of their stuff bought with antlers and keep leftover antlers.
  • When a Moose's Mallardship expires, they are given 30 extra antlers as a Thanks.
  • Normal Moose can buy a 100-Antler Pack with real money.
  • Everyone earns 10 antlers if they complete any section of the Moose Reward Book or if they log on every day in 2 weeks.


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